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Simple Simon
September 28, 2008, 18:05
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One of the main reasons I started this blog was to formulate a solution to the inherent problem with being a dedicated follower of fashion: your outfits quickly turn into things you wouldn’t even want to wash the car in.

The route to avoiding this happening is simple – as in, keeping it simple. Choosing a great array of basics is a sure-fire way of retaining year-in, year-out style, something that was recognised in a recent Indepedent Weekend Magazine article.

I guess a life without logos might be difficult to imagine if you’ve walked down the high street recently, but “stealth luxury” or not, my view is that there are some great affordable options out there to be snapped up. The article mentions a favourite of mine, Uniqlo, whose merino wool sweaters (like the one pictured below) are selling like hot-cakes.

Does the same apply to jeans? Well I suppose they have always been free of obvious branding (the Levi’s Red Tab and Diesel pocket patch have certainly wormed their way into our consciousness, but they’re hardly in Henley’s league), but H&M have adopted a rather subtle way of branding-without-branding by introducing the “&” sign to their denim collection.

Understatement – now that’s never gone out of fashion.


The iron, no Fitch and your own wardrobe
September 23, 2008, 12:57
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Apologies for the Narnia-lite title, but I think it sums up where this business of looking good for less really starts.

It might sound a little bizarre to suggest that the best place to begin is in your own wardrobe, but I think it makes a lot of sense. Firstly, running an iron over a large number of items already hanging in their would undoubtedly breathe some sartorial life back into them in an instant.

Also, and more importantly, my view is that the key to looking stylish is nailing your own personal style, and the only way you can do that is by taking a good look at your current crop of clothes. Are you primarily a jeans and T-shirt guy? Or do you like to scrub up a little better with some smart trousers and a pair of brogues? Perhaps you’ve become evangelical about the Americana look and can’t see yourself in anything else.

I think the thing to establish is what your signature look is (by which I don’t mean that you like wearing a white shirt and navy jeans every day of the week, but that you appreciate the finer points of a shirt and jeans combo), a style which will naturally have an element of you imprinted on it and that you feel comfortable in.

So where does the Fitch come in? Well, I don’t reckon I’m the only one who thinks there’s very little chance of pulling off any ‘personal’ outfit on the streets of London with “A&F 1892” emblazoned anywhere on your person. Individuality is one thing that the Abercrombie boys can’t sell you.

September 19, 2008, 16:34
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Welcome to Men’s Free Style, the home of simple style that doesn’t break the bank (or even require you to spend any more money on clothes than you already do).

For too long I’ve been getting frustrated with men’s fashion magazines shoving ridiculously expensive and completely unwearable clothes down my throat in the name of style, when everybody knows that the whole thing works best when everybody has a good personal sense of what works and what doesn’t work for them.

From the humble Converse trainer, to the ubiquitous Levi’s 501s, the history of fashion is littered with examples of how you can put together a great wardrobe that really suits you but that doesn’t require top one percentile earnings to be spent on it.

My idea is to explore how a discerning guy can dress well on a relatively small budget –  thoughts and comments very welcome.